The Treehouse

24 Fern Valley Road, Weston CT

Offered at $550,000

This riverfront, arboreal abode has been the beloved Manhattan escape of its owners for over 27 years. Whether you prefer lunch among the treetops on the roof, or poolside on the deck, it’s the perfect retreat in a nature lover’s playground. Just an hour by train from NYC. So easy. We’d love to show you around. Give us a call. (203) 216-9388


2-3 Bedrooms


2 Full Baths


1804 Sq/Ft


2.20 Acres

Perched atop the Saugatuck river and accessed by a 90ft catwalk, it conjures up childhood memories of backyard forts and imaginary moats.

With 3 levels of steel-bolted, post and beam construction and skylights, there is something to satisfy even the most design-minded urbanite’s cabin craving.


From the rusty warm lustre of the wood inside to the cooling rush of the river outside, the emphasis is on naturally calm.

24 Fern Valley Road, Weston CT


Westport Spaces, Part of Re-Max Heritage
(203) 216-9388


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